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About European Equities Corporation

European Equities Corporation was formed in early 2001 to acquire, develop, sell, and hold commercial real estate property. Since its inception, European Equities projects have ranged from acquisition and development of sites for stand-alone Quick Service Restaurants to purchases of raw land to be developed for governmental offices to the purchase of existing class ‘A’ commercial office buildings.

Executive Officers

David McComas
Chief Executive Officer

Born, raised and a lifetime resident of Pinellas County Florida, David McComas is the founder and has been the only CEO of European Equities since its creation. An entrepreneur from the beginning, shortly after graduating from high school, David convinced his mother to mortgage the family home to buy his first of more than forty Subway franchises. Through Subway, David met, become and still is acquaintances with founder Fred Deluca, the first of many successful businesspeople David would meet, learn from and emulate.

David’s early experience at Subway, combined with a familiarity with emerging technologies in the 1990’s, led him to found and lead the company which developed the first true point-of-sale software for Subway. The multi-million dollar success of the software led to his entry into the dotcom industry in the late 1990s, including founding and taking public an entity which reached a market capitalization of over $1,000,000,000. In 2000, David resigned from the technology companies, so that he could spend more time with his mother, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Although the departure was for an unenviable reason, it was fortuitous, as it both allowed David to capture some of his profits before the dotcom bubble burst and allowed him to return his attention to his Subway franchises.

After a thyroidectomy and ensuring his mother’s cancer was in full remission, David turned his attention back to his Subways and looking for his next entrepreneurial venture. David met with and learned from his landlords, who were converting positive cash flow into sustainable wealth. David befriended several of them, learned the commercial development process and began to emulate them. He found that many of the commercial property owners he met, like him, had started with minimal resources, but through knowledge, determination, hard work and creative deal making, they had acquired substantial real estate portfolios.

David formed European Equities Corporation for development and brokering of real estate projects, and Whole Development, Inc. for construction services. David chose the ‘European’ name in homage to the developers, many of them natives of Europe, who initially mentored him on the development process. Having graduated from student to teacher, many of those mentors have been and to this day continue to be clients of European Equities and Whole Development.

As the qualifying broker for European Equities and the qualifying contractor for Whole Development, David has had hands-on involvement with nearly every project since the companies’ inceptions. Those projects include new construction or major remodeling of more than a hundred Subway locations, including those of more than one local development agent for Subway; the acquisition and construction of several federal government properties; the refinancing of commercial properties; purchase of notes securing commercial properties; and its primary focus, the full development (acquisition, design, construction, leasing and management) or long term acquisition (buy and hold) of dozens of retail shopping centers and office buildings, ranging from less than 4,000 square feet to more than 100,000 square feet.

By 2013, a dozen years after founding European Equities and twenty-five years after buying his first Subway franchise, with the help of the mortgage on the family home, David can rightfully claim to be a successful business and real estate developer. In those dozen years, David has grown to be the second largest Subway franchisee in Florida, while acquiring or developing more than a hundred commercial real estate projects, including nearly thirty in which he has retained a significant equity interest. David’s continued involvement in his Subway stores gives him an ongoing understanding of the market from a retailer’s perspective, while his active management of his real estate portfolio has allowed him to add Retail Property Management, a full service commercial property management company, to his portfolio of real estate businesses. David’s Subway stores are projected to generate over $17,000,000 in revenue the next year, with Whole Development is projected to generate over $28,000,000 in revenue and European Equities is projected to broker over $57,000,000 in real estate. David continues to work six days a week on his core business and passion, real estate development, to ensure his clients, investors, partners and even employees receive the full benefits of his efforts, as he strives to fulfill his personal mission statement, “I will only be truly successful if I am first significant.“

Lynn Matthews
Chief Financial Officer

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Justin Floyd
Chief Operating Officer

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Brian Layton
Director of Accounting

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David Goldstein
Director of Field Operations

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Don Snyder
Director of Development

Donnie Snyder of Bellerose Queens, New York obtained his B.A. from Eckerd College double majoring in Human Development and Athletic Administration. Donnie initially accepted a position with the State of Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice. After eight consecutive years of service, he elected early retirement and began his soon to be promising career in real estate sales with General Home Development, quickly becoming a top producing agent. Since his engagement with European Equities Corporation, Donnie has placed more than 100 major brand name tenants, such as Pizza Hut, Star Bucks Coffee, Subway Sandwich, Little Caesars Pizza, Wal-Mart, Amscot Financial Services, Sprint, Sweetbay Grocery, Dollar Tree, Advanced Auto Parts, Verizon Wireless, Anytime Fitness, Dollar General, and Fire House Subs into the European Equities Corporation’s ever growing portfolio of high performance assets. Donnie has become a valuable asset to European Equities Corporation.

Renee Brooks
Executive Assistant

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Heather Goldstein
Administrative Assistant

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Jeff Matlock
Accounting Specialist

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Bob Gregg
In House Architect

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Chris Niewiarowski
Director of Brokerage and Leasing

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